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Hugh Paxton, horror novelist, young people's author, nature and travel writer
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A look at Hugh Paxton’s work

Co-author of  :

“Global Ecotour Guide (Ecotour Kanzen Gaido)” (1998) published by Diamond Big Ltd.  (First printing 15,000 copies)

This book introduces over 70 examples of trips that are educational,  environmentally sensitive and  contribute to enhancement of local/global environment and local lives.  This all-colour 307 page book was published as a part of the Globe Trotter series, the most prominent global travel guide series in the Japanese language.

The Global Ecotour Guide
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Global Ecotour Guide cover image (Ecotour Kanzen Gaido the kind of books I like to read”
“I like to write
Work on the Wild side (Chikyu Borantia Kiko:  Yasei Seibutsu Hogo no Genba Kara ) Green Holiday Guide to Britain  Volume I cover image (Igirisu de Tanoshimu Gurin Holide )"