Hugh Paxton, horror novelist, young people's author, nature and travel writer
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With an Oxford University Master’s degree in English Literature, you might expect Hugh Paxton to be a good writer himself and you wouldn’t be wrong in that supposition. He is a British award-winning  essayist,  newspaper and magazine journalist, columnist, UN documentary report author, and author of 8 books to date,  one fiction and  seven  non-fiction. Click here for an  outline of Hugh’s professional accomplishments.

Hugh has over 100,000 books in print!

Hugh Paxton

About Hugh Paxton, the travel writer and  novelist

Literary Reviews

What the critics have said about Homunculus

"Quite simply, Homunculus is outstanding, the best piece of new fiction I’ve seen for a long time.."

The Johannesburg Star

"Homunculus reads like a sick compilation of every report ever of anarchy in Africa, in one back-to-back orgy of senseless violence.

Not a book to pack for the beach, then? Well, here lies Paxton's achievement: he makes all this full-on nastiness not just compulsive reading, but actually bloody funny."

The Spectator

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